Why rebranding?


And then at one point it just happens.

You go to the office one morning and find out you need a rebranding, sort of like when you’re a kid and six-month-old clothes don’t fit you anymore — and come on, I’m not wearing that ridiculous sweater, forget it, and what is that, a lightning? No way.

You try them all one more time staring at the mirror, just to make 100% sure that their time is over. Some are torn from all the stumbling and falling, other are way too small for your rising stature, or they simply look annoyingly childish next to your new grown-up face.

And that’s exactly what happened with our app Actions… whops, sorry: HoloBase!

One day she grew up, and sending actions was no longer what she was doing. If you tried to tell her that she was just “an app that sends actions”, a “remote control”, a never ending teenagerly discussion would raise right away.

She is right, she is much more now, she is the first Personal Control System.

Not to mention that there was also another awkward problem: “mum, dad… I’m confused, is my name Actions or do I create Actions? Or I just send Actions? And… How can I explain that to my friends without going through a personality crisis AND getting them confused as well?”

Poor thing, she was right! The name surely didn’t help as for clarifying doubts and creating a clear and easy user guide, we should have seen it coming from the beginning.

Furthermore, it is no mystery that drastic changes in the wardrobe cause good mood. And after three years of working non-stop our team needed a breath of fresh air too. Believe us when we say that weaning Actions has been hard, not only in terms of providing constant improvements to the product, but rather because of the more psychological and emotional sides of the process.

Over the months in which both the app and the team were growing, we learnt by carrots and sticks how to smooth our personalities so that they would better fit together and easily slide into the blabbering world of startups and entrepreneurs, which is, trust me, often not as fancy as it looks. You are constantly walking a tightrope: on one side there are ideals and good intentions, on the other the need of raising numbers to survive, from above comes the thundering voice of investors asking for top performances, while below you have the crowd of users and their longing for new features.

So let’s say it was a tough time, paved with existential clashes and emotional pivots, which nonetheless gave its results. Now we are ready to start from scratch with new energy and awareness, a more mature and complete product, a bigger team (that you will soon get to know) and a more solid organization covering our backs.

This is our rebranding. Not just a new t-shirt to make us feel cooler, but rather a renewed promise to keep growing and improving, for us and for you.

And then there’s HoloBoy, but this is yet another story ;)

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  • Frostbite

    So this new app does holograms? That’s the first thing I thought when I saw this name, nothing about “personal control.” Actions made a bit more sense.

  • Unfortunately “Actions” made a lot of confusion as well, so we went for a unique name.

    The “Holo” prefix means “everything”, it doesn’t really have any link to imaging (differently from “-gram”). Anyway, I’m sorry if this caused some comprehensibility issues, but I’m sure it will grow on you in time… ;)

  • Matt S

    Actions makes more sense, but that’s just me. Holobase to me sounds like “hollow base.” Remember people don’t always look at the Latin meanings of the words they take it how it sounds. So in passing someone, you tell them you made an awesome app called Holobase, they may think you said something else. Trust me (or don’t ☺). Been there, done that.

    • Hi Matt,

      thanks for taking the time to give us your feedback.

      I understand the issue and we are aware that some people might be confused, but this may be true for a very superficial look.

      When making up a new name you have to assume that people will try and match it up with something they know or have heard, but this didn’t disturb the well known PhaseBook ;D