Turning walking into running with the New Navigation System

Quicker navigation with HoloBase Being productive, like running, is a matter of focus and efficiency. You can get yourself a pair of good shoes, but they alone won’t do it, that’s for sure. Only concentration and paced breathing can let you reach that propelling trance-like state real runners well know.

Actions is like those shoes: certainly great, but still not enough to avoid losing the focus and make you efficient. And working with the Os is like running through the jungle with no fixed tracks. Fortunately, we are not just making shoes. :)

For this reason, with HoloBase, we are working to smooth the path for the most crucial and cognitively destructive task: change of context.

We want you to flow like there is no tomorrow, and rest assured, we got you covered this time around.

Let’s see some details of HoloBase’s new navigation system.

Set library

How cool is the carousel? Turns out, not that much. The old set library kept 5 sets visible at a time, with little to no reference about which sets you may find in the previous or following batch. And the more sets you get the more difficult it becomes to navigate between them.

We found that eventually people would just change application from the computer, which is ok if you actually prefer to do so, but not if you do it because it’s plain better.

The new set library is a simpler but more practical list, with many more items in sight. Additionally, you will be able to take a peek at the set’s pages, which now have their labels.

Recent sets

The new set library is surely an improvement to quicken the change of context, but it still takes a swipe and a tap.

But many times you just need to switch between the same apps over and over, and in this case you would go back referring once again to the system, in particular to the applications switcher in the best case.

Not anymore, since we have reserved a spot on the toolbar that shows the last sets you used. Going back and forth is now almost like staying still.


Now imagine you are skyrocketing app after app. Isn’t it enough? As I always say: no, it isn’t. :) In this picture the core applications of your digital experience are still among the others in the set library.

With HoloBase we are introducing yet another new feature to let you quickly access your most used locations, with a unique continuous gesture from any set. And it’s damn cool.

Automating it all

Immediately done is still worse than automatically done. For this reason, context change is now automatable via a new action type.

Obviously, you could use it for single actions as well.

In closing

We think that among the concrete digital tasks you daily perform there is a world of interaction that is poorly cared for. Changing application, view, task and file are indeed tasks per se, which you constantly perform over and over while having your time and focus devoured by them.

HoloBase navigation is designed to bring you from task to task reducing “commuting” time and making the travel more engaging.

You may think we are polishing diamonds here, but we believe that every single moment is important and can build or break your next moves.

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