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Quick Tip: Access Menu bar Commands

This article is heavily focused on the MAC platform


As you may well know, Actions relies heavily on an app’s existing keyboard shortcuts to trigger actions. Unfortunately there are a myriad of apps that offer a very limited set of keyboard shortcuts. A common workaround in the past would be to create a global shortcut to trigger the menu bar entry and then assign it in Actions.

With the introductions of Flows, I thought it was about time to pare down the dozens of shortcuts I had create and instead rely on just one: Move focus to the menu bar. I soon realised that this was unreliable. Numerous threads online advised changing the default shortcut (^F2), however this still produced erratic behaviour. After a couple of days it would simply stop working and I’d have to change the shortcut once again.

Frustration quickly set in and as any respectful self appointed nerd would do, I hastened to create a script to change this shortcut on the fly. Fortunately common sense prevailed. I took a step back and found a simpler, albeit not as obvious solution.

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