Introducing HoloBase

Under-promise and over-deliver. That’s what we swore to ourselves when we started building Actions. Apparently, we have failed to deliver the many novel ideas we said were already stored in Actions’ roadmap. But I said apparently, because that is not the entire story. Not a bit.

Sure, you’ve still got little in your hands, but a lot went on under the hood. An idea that started with two minds is now supported by six. We finally found investors, hence got some more resources to keep things going, and better. You are almost half a million and people start to talk about Actions. Well, they are a bit late for that, but somehow just in time.

The Actions experience has been a tough one, a 3 years road of making constant sacrifices and working with immense limitations. Now we see the pattern, why things haven’t started off immediately. We weren’t ready, Actions was just a pale draft of our real idea. So, with the new perspective aroused by this experience, we have started from scratch. And when I say from scratch, I mean it.

We didn’t keep a single line of code on Actions or the Actions Server, so you may anticipate what I’m about to say. Actions is dead.

So what now?

There there, dry your tears. Let’s not rush for a moment and rather start making the right question, which is: “why”? Well, getting funded, we finally got the long awaited chance to stop, evaluate what we had learned so far, and check whether the tool we were building was still “up to the task”.

Ok, I’m lying. We knew for a long time, but we were crushed down and had to wait for this step to bring it all alive. Then, while designing the new Actions, we just felt that the current branding was constricting, and it was growing more and more distant from what the concept actually represents: a new paradigm in computer interaction and productivity.

Restart your system

Did you ever let your computer in standby for a long time? After a while things go slower, processes get stuck, it almost feels like your machine is sweating. That is the place we were some months ago, and our minds were lost in a mist of “should”. So we hit restart. I’m overly thrilled to introduce you to HoloBase.

If you were impressed by Actions, you could find yourself without an appropriate response for HoloBase. And I’ve just said we under-promise.

Currently, I can’t say a lot more. But I will tell you to dust off your iPhones in time for December and get ready for a massive shift. We will share more information starting next week, but there is really a lot to cover. If you are nerd or just curious enough I’ve just published an article on Medium that gives some hints on the kind of tool we are building.

Ready or not…

In Italy we have a fantastic figure of speech to express a positive urge for something that is about to happen: “non sto più nella pelle”, which literally means “my skin doesn’t fit me anymore”, stressing the explosive accent of the message. That is our feeling down here, so I wanted to share it with you. Now that the skin is finally getting ripped off. ;) p.s. before you ask, all your Actions sets will be seamlessly imported to HoloBase and Actions’ support and bug fixing will continue for months after Holobase is released.

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Cristiano Troffei

CEO, UI/UX/Sound Designer at Actions

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  • Martin

    Intreguing, I look forward to the new app. I do hope that it supports the iPad 1 or that at least Actions will continue to work on this device.

  • Enrico

    Actions will keep working on iPad1, but unfortunately HoloBase will be iOs8 only :(

  • BlueLightAlarm

    So will it be something to do with holograms? I’m confused!

    • The “Holo” prefix means “whole”, or “everything”, it doesn’t really have any link to imaging (differently from “-gram”).

      Anyway, I’m sorry if this caused some comprehensibility issues.

  • Hashim R. Roach

    All this thought process and change development and there still isn’t any word on making an android app? I know apple isn’t getting a lot of promotion from you but let’s be real, if you create an android app the possibilities are endless. This being sent from an iPad user