What’s going on behind the scenes

It’s been quite a long time since the last Actions update and we have to say, we didn’t communicate a lot as well.

We are sorry for this incredible delay, but some happenings switched our milestones further each time we looked at them.

Although super-powered by your hearted feedback, our financial situation isn’t that great. From the beginning of the first drafts, all revenues have been put into development and management.

Obviously this started to weight a lot on the team in the long way, and some elements had to share focus with other projects to survive.
Also our funders, although still 100% on the project, had to work hard to research for investors and create an infinite trail of documents to “convince the money people”. :)

There is a bright side about this: when we will finally get resources, development will exponentially speed up, thanks to the many features and implementations that for this reason have already been completely designed and detailed.

But as we are still in the now, we are facing another challenge. Our beloved developers decided to drop Actions development to concentrate on their own projects.

After a though research we found a great replacement, and we couldn’t be happier about it, but to erudite a new developer on a platform with a dense web of complexities like Actions’ takes some time.

Ok, so this is the framework, upon which we had to keep up development for a most hard implementation: Flows.
Both us and our outgoing devs greatly underestimated the job and we spread infos about an actually delusional deadline.

We are really sorry to have kept you hanging, but we are now in the final phases of 1.1 version testings and about to send to approval.

Check your mail or our social streams in the following days for a complete preview of the new version. Expect a lot. ;)

Actions 1.0.5 is out, introducing Dropbox sync and the Hold behavior

The fifth update of Actions for iPad is finally here.


Actions’ pads became more intelligent. Now you can send a shortcut or keep it in hold, without having to specify the desired behavior.



Using iTunes for managing your sets can be a stress, we know it. Link Actions with your dropbox account and let it do the hard stuff, knowing that your sets are securely saved after each editing.


New Actions Server for Mac  ||  New Actions Server for Win


Stay tuned, stay in love. :)

New trick: open multiple webpages with Actions using Automator

What you do when you start your computer in the morning?

If you’re like us probably you take your mug of coffee or tea and start opening the browser to check your favorite blogs and websites while sipping…

What about tapping just an action and opening all of them together?
So you can keep free the other hand for the mug :)

Let’s see how to quickly enable it on your Mac using our beloved Automator.
You can create various groups of pages and open all with a single tap. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Find the tip here and leave us your feedbacks and suggestions.

Enjoy! :)

Open specific folders with Actions

This time we will show you a simple tip, but it is a real game changer.
What about the possibility to recall locations on your hard disk with just a tap in Actions?

Let’s see how to enable it on your Mac or PC. You will not believe how faster will be your everyday workflow with this, you’ll soon will add an entire subset for your favorites locations in your Actions Sets!

Find the tip here and leave us your feedbacks and suggestions.

Enjoy :)

Actions 1.0.2 is out, introducing the Text snippet and Import / Export sets

The second update of Actions for iPad is finally here.


We know that creating your sets is not an immediate process, and everyone of us dedicated some time and thought to improve our workflow’s architecture.


If you’ve been daunted by the idea of loosing everything or just wanted to share your sets, you’re served. Use iTunes’ file sharing to export your sets and import them back, or import your friend’s shared ones.


Is that all? No way. While working on the big Macro+ update (plus because will have an awful lot more in it) we decided to release one of the fundamental building blocks for them: the text snippet.

Despite being actually a great “side effect”, a necessity for a bigger purpose, the possibility of storing and sending text snippets comes useful to the coders and writers among us.

Select “snippet” from the new action type selector and store your texts, numbers, addresses, links, signatures and code snippets to paste them with a tap!

But you already know we’re always up for the extra-mile, and we don’t just want you to be quick and engaged while working with Actions, but also while setting it up.

For this reason we added a little but great feature, to let you easily copy your last computer’s clipboard item onto the snippet field automatically, with a single tap. Convenient ah? :)


Of course. The targeting system has been greatly improved, it’s more intellegible and functional, and let’s say it, cool.


We planned another ‘in between” release before getting to Macros+, to keep you satisfied while awaiting for the big leap, and this time it’s all about new action types. I’ll just say media control, system actions and windows management. Not a word more.

Stay tuned, stay in love. :)