Author : Cristiano Troffei

What’s going on behind the scenes

It’s been quite a long time since the last Actions update and we have to say, we didn’t communicate a lot as well.

We are sorry for this incredible delay, but some happenings switched our milestones further each time we looked at them.

Although super-powered by your hearted feedback, our financial situation isn’t that great. From the beginning of the first drafts, all revenues have been put into development and management.

Obviously this started to weight a lot on the team in the long way, and some elements had to share focus with other projects to survive.
Also our funders, although still 100% on the project, had to work hard to research for investors and create an infinite trail of documents to “convince the money people”. :)

There is a bright side about this: when we will finally get resources, development will exponentially speed up, thanks to the many features and implementations that for this reason have already been completely designed and detailed.

But as we are still in the now, we are facing another challenge. Our beloved developers decided to drop Actions development to concentrate on their own projects.

After a though research we found a great replacement, and we couldn’t be happier about it, but to erudite a new developer on a platform with a dense web of complexities like Actions’ takes some time.

Ok, so this is the framework, upon which we had to keep up development for a most hard implementation: Flows.
Both us and our outgoing devs greatly underestimated the job and we spread infos about an actually delusional deadline.

We are really sorry to have kept you hanging, but we are now in the final phases of 1.1 version testings and about to send to approval.

Check your mail or our social streams in the following days for a complete preview of the new version. Expect a lot. ;)

Actions featured in AppStore’s “Best of 2012” selection

Lads and Gents we are very glad to announce you that Actions has been featured in Apple’s best of 2012 AppStore selection in several countries.

The news struck us unexpectedly this morning, arriving with the first snow of the season and making (with snowballs) our day!

It means a lot to us because behind Actions there are months of never ending hard work. You, our users, are of course our first source of gratification so once again we thank you very very very much for supporting us, without your help this wouldn’t be possible.

We love (every single one of) you!

One month in action(s)

Beloved Users,

Only one month (and a few days) has passed from our launch but so much has happened.

After only one week we reached 1st place in the Top Paid applications in many AppStores and after two weeks we were featured, from Apple, in the iTunes Store banner in several countries, which is great since we didn’t had the chance to run marketing campaigns or so.

But to us, what is really important, are our users. You are already more than 20.000 and we care about every single one of you.

We received a massive amount of positive feedbacks, some of which were real tear jerkers. Thanks to your kind words we can actually say that Actions can change lives (workflow-wise, refer to your God for additional assistance).

A deep thank for your enthusiasm, is a real fuel for our motivation.

Obviously we received several negative comments as well, which didn’t disheartened us, but on the contrary have spurred us to improve our app and support.

Thanks to Windows 7 users support we found out the root of the main bug on W7 platform, which actually turned out to be something different than a bug. What we found out is that the behavior which opened the Windows’ Library was the correct functioning of the Windows Explorer, which does not include the Desktop or several others system locations in its focus.

Our mistake was to have set Windows Explorer as default Magnet for the built-in set, bringing up confusion about this matter. We are really sorry for that.

We have just released an improved version of the Windows Actions Server (download it here) and sent out an update, currently waiting for Apple’s approval, with an updated Win 7 set preset and some bug fixes including focus detection on Windows. But all the old users should remove manually the Magnet to make it work correctly, because to make the buttons included in that set function correctly system-wide there should be no magnet.

Although the issue resides in Windows’ architecture we couldn’t find peace if we left you without a quick way to accede to that set, which becomes not really useful if you have to recall it each time from the Set Library… for this reason we built a new fantastic feature, which is a great addition for Mac users as well. Drumrolls…


Now you can choose a set to be your Favorite, tapping the star button found in Set’s setting panel, top-right.

Your Fav Set can be recalled simply by holding down 3 fingers on your iPad; the same gesture works backwards, bringing you back to your last used set.

You could use it for system actions, windows management, a mixed set, basic text editing actions, and with the upcoming features the possibilities are endless.

We are currently working, as we promised, on a section of our site where you can find updates about the next features; meanwhile we decided, to subside the curiosity of some enthusiastic users, to give you a little preview of what’s cooking.

Our current priorities, which will surely see the light before the end of Q1 2013, include:
Macros, that is the ability to send more than one shortcut in a row (with some secret options for the nodes), Text Snippets, that can be sent by themselves or in any node of the Macro, and the highly requested iPhone version, along with the cloud syncing for your presets. Another requested and fundamental addition is the Preset Community, a way to exchange and rate actions and set presets between users.

While we already have started to plan this feature we can’t anticipate to much about it, but we can tell you it will take some time.

Despite we already have a defined road to run we are collecting all your suggestions, requests and critiques to improve our methods and procedures, and possibly to redefine our priorities upon your requests.

You already teached us a lot and we ask you to keep sharing your opinions; they are absolutely precious for our development.

We love you. (I mean really)
Stay with us. :)

Tips & Tricks

Hello everybody,

we’re happy to announce a brand new section of our support page aimed to help you get the best out of Actions’ experience.

Find it here

In this area we’ll share new ways to use Actions, from both our personal experience and from your future suggestions.
Smart tricks and nice tips to help you tailor your personal workflow even better!

If you find some as well and you would like to share them with us please write to our support, we will be more than glad to publish your Actions’ tips (along with your credits!)

With Love,
The Fools