Author : Cristiano Troffei

Turning walking into running with the New Navigation System

Quicker navigation with HoloBase Being productive, like running, is a matter of focus and efficiency. You can get yourself a pair of good shoes, but they alone won’t do it, that’s for sure. Only concentration and paced breathing can let you reach that propelling trance-like state real runners well know.

Actions is like those shoes: certainly great, but still not enough to avoid losing the focus and make you efficient. And working with the Os is like running through the jungle with no fixed tracks. Fortunately, we are not just making shoes. :)

For this reason, with HoloBase, we are working to smooth the path for the most crucial and cognitively destructive task: change of context.

We want you to flow like there is no tomorrow, and rest assured, we got you covered this time around.

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3 New Action Types You Will Find in HoloBase

New Action Types It’s finally time to share some informations about our newcomer HoloBase As you already know, HoloBase is a completely new application, but it shares the underlying mechanic of Actions, including its action types. Besides what you already know and use today though, it will bring new useful types of commands to enhance your productivity. Let’s see 3 examples of what you will be able to do.

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Introducing HoloBase

Under-promise and over-deliver. That’s what we swore to ourselves when we started building Actions. Apparently, we have failed to deliver the many novel ideas we said were already stored in Actions’ roadmap. But I said apparently, because that is not the entire story. Not a bit.

Sure, you’ve still got little in your hands, but a lot went on under the hood. An idea that started with two minds is now supported by six. We finally found investors, hence got some more resources to keep things going, and better. You are almost half a million and people start to talk about Actions. Well, they are a bit late for that, but somehow just in time.

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Save your ideas instantaneously with Actions


Last week, while scanning my daily feeds, I stumbled upon a great article by Steven Johnson.

In it, Steven suggests we should have a “Spark” file to quickly store our fleeting ideas, for later review.

This ensures our “sparks” are saved with minimal hassle, something creative individuals know to be of vital importance. However, the ability to quickly get “stuff out of our head” and save it, can be of great value to anyone.

I personally use a similar method to get rid of those “dancing ghosts inside my head” commonly called ideas, and with Actions it’s instantaneous.

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