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Goodbye Actions, Welcome Quadro


Hi guys,

We are very excited to announce that Quadro is finally out.
Get it for FREE on the AppStore

At the same time, with great sadness we have to say goodbye to Actions, which has to be now retired and removed from the App Store. Don’t despair tho, its legacy and vision will continue to live within Quadro.

You can obviously keep using Actions as long as you like, but support and development are now discontinued.
From now on you can keep enhancing your computing experience with Quadro.

We would like to express our gratitude to all of those believed and supported our project over the years.

We hope to see you all on the other side. ;)


Why you have to move to Quadro

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Hi guys,

you may already know that Actions is going to say goodbye soon to make room for Quadro. But please, allow me to mention it one more time, ’cause you know… it’s always better to say something twice so that everyone really gets the message – my mom told me so!

And the real message here is that: QUADRO WILL BE THE FUTURE OF ACTIONS and IT WILL BE AWESOME.

But since Quadro is “just” a better version of Actions some of you may have thought: “Why did you have to go and rebuild Actions from scratch instead of simply improve it and avoid all the fuss about it?” Well the answer is pretty easy. There was no way around it.

Every project is like an iceberg: the tip of it clearly visible, but a big part that just stays hidden. Sometimes, although everything seems normal above the surface, the base of the iceberg can start to crumble. Well… not a happy ending for those out of the water!

This is what was happening to Actions. All the heavy ice and polar bears we were carrying around (I’m talking features and frameworks, in case the metaphor wasn’t that clear) were too much for the base to support.

At the time we built Actions we were younger and had very few resources, so we did what we could. Rebuilding from scratch is a natural step in the process of growing up, because sometimes you have to destroy things if you want to create something better. I will not go further into technical details, I’m just the ambassador here, but don’t worry, for all the nerds out there our CEO Cristiano will soon write an article with more specific information on why we took this way.

What I’m also here to say though may upset some of you (that’s why they send a nice girl ahead…cowards!) Let’s say it straight:** Quadro will have a subscription-based pricing model. But relax.. is not that bad!**

Let me explain our motivations. We haven’t been able to monetize since Actions first got out (3 years now) and this is the only way we could afford to keep the project alive: the one-time payment doesn’t work in this kind of massive project that constantly needs to be improved, and we realized it at our expenses. To make it worth it we should have raised our prices a lot, much more than what we’ve done so far (the higher was 3$) and we didn’t want that. We wanted Actions (and Quadro) to be affordable and fair, so we preferred to ask a little to many, instead of asking much to a few. Not everyone can afford to pay 50$ for an app.

This is why we are asking you to move from a pay-once-for-life system (which wasn’t working, at least not with those prices) to a subscription that will finally provide us with resources to speed up all the incredible new features we have up our sleeves for you. This is the only way we can keep the project alive without turning it into a niche product.

Ok then, now that you got our point I’m ready to give you more details and the good news!

To live up to our philosophy, Quadro will always be free for everyone who doesn’t need customization and is fine using our presets without changing them (and we made quite a lot more than for Actions). If you wish to create your own custom palettes or personalize ours you will have a few choices: the Monthly Subscription, the Annual Subscription and the Hero Pass… which is basically a Life Pass plus a contribution to support the team.

“But didn’t you just say you removed a single upfront payment solution in favor of subscriptions?” No, we actually said that it could work that way, so we just re-set the price.

Prices are not defined yet but don’t worry, it won’t be more than 5$ a month. Kind of like 3 coffees.

Everyone will have a free trial of Quadro premium for 30 days. Also, thanks to the support of the great Nouncy team, we created a campaign that lets you gain 6 more months of premium for free if you schedule a Facebook or Twitter post to support us. This will also help us gain more visibility for our launch day, and if you liked Actions (or hated it) and just want to give Quadro a try… Well, this will be a win-win for both of us.

In order to do this and book your 6 free months of customization, just go here and click the green button to schedule a post: they will be released all together when launch day comes! Quadro is now on its final beta phase: some of you are already testers, but if this is not your case and you are curios to try it out before everyone else, please send an email to and ask to be added to the program. We still have a few spots available!

We really hope all of this sounds as exciting for you as it does for us.

Thank you for being part of our growth.

See you on Quadro channels!

Quadro Website / Quadro Blog / TW @quadroapp / INST @quadroteam / FB @quadroapp

5 Good Reasons Why Quadro Beats Actions


Are we asking you to leave Actions for Quadro? Well, maybe. Actually… yes, because it’s better.

Remember the day you downloaded the Actions app. It was love at first sight, wasn’t it? We could see it from the thousands of feedback posted by iOS users since the first release. Certain apps can inspire that kind of love and we were happy this was the case of Actions. Sure this will happen with Quadro.

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Actions App turns into Quadro


Probably you will have noticed in recent months that something big was brewing in Actions, or perhaps, on the contrary, it seemed everything was terribly still because, after starting rumors about the new version of the app, we were gone for a while.

Please excuse us if we abandoned you, but during this time we have been working to create something revolutionary, that some of you have already started to know under the name of HoloBase.

Fortunately, in the middle of our journey, Microsoft came out with their HoloLens and we had to rethink about the chosen name. We say fortunately because, thanks to this unexpected event, we realized that the name was not suitable. Holo, which means “all”, was too easily mistaken with the concept of Hologram.

So we have pushed ourselves into the game again and we have come up with a name we are all very happy about: Quadro.

Quadro comes from “Quadro di controllo”, an italian word to indicate control panel, but Quadro means also square, which is the basic shape of our pads. Last but not least, Quadro means also picture, frame, painting. A “quadro” is that thing you hang on your wall because you love it and because it reflects a part of you. A quadro represents creative potential and expression and is somehow a frozen bit of personality, so we thought it was fitting just right.

The upcoming Quadro is a more complete and mature version of what you already love. Countless new functions and action types are waiting for you, plus it will be also available for iPhone and it will give you the opportunity to connect multiple devices together, in order to create a super futuristic control station on your desktop.

Have a look here:

With the advent of Quadro we have to stop Actions development. That means you can still use it as long as it stays on your iPad, but there will be no more updates for it. It would be just too much effort for us. You don’t have to worry though, you will be able to easily load your Actions sets into Quadro and accomplish the same and much more.

So, from now on Actions App will be free.

Also, Actions Blog and Socials will be slowly left behind, and eventually closed. This is why we suggest you to move from here to our new channels:

Quadro Blog || Quadro Facebook Page || Quadro Twitter || Quadro Google+

If you would like to support our launch campaign, please leave a message to spread the word with your community here and get 6 months of free subscription to Quadro.


Thanks everyone for all your love and support, see you on the other side! :)

Why rebranding?


And then at one point it just happens.

You go to the office one morning and find out you need a rebranding, sort of like when you’re a kid and six-month-old clothes don’t fit you anymore — and come on, I’m not wearing that ridiculous sweater, forget it, and what is that, a lightning? No way.

You try them all one more time staring at the mirror, just to make 100% sure that their time is over. Some are torn from all the stumbling and falling, other are way too small for your rising stature, or they simply look annoyingly childish next to your new grown-up face.

And that’s exactly what happened with our app Actions… whops, sorry: HoloBase!

One day she grew up, and sending actions was no longer what she was doing. If you tried to tell her that she was just “an app that sends actions”, a “remote control”, a never ending teenagerly discussion would raise right away.

She is right, she is much more now, she is the first Personal Control System.

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