Actions App turns into Quadro


Probably you will have noticed in recent months that something big was brewing in Actions, or perhaps, on the contrary, it seemed everything was terribly still because, after starting rumors about the new version of the app, we were gone for a while.

Please excuse us if we abandoned you, but during this time we have been working to create something revolutionary, that some of you have already started to know under the name of HoloBase.

Fortunately, in the middle of our journey, Microsoft came out with their HoloLens and we had to rethink about the chosen name. We say fortunately because, thanks to this unexpected event, we realized that the name was not suitable. Holo, which means “all”, was too easily mistaken with the concept of Hologram.

So we have pushed ourselves into the game again and we have come up with a name we are all very happy about: Quadro.

Quadro comes from “Quadro di controllo”, an italian word to indicate control panel, but Quadro means also square, which is the basic shape of our pads. Last but not least, Quadro means also picture, frame, painting. A “quadro” is that thing you hang on your wall because you love it and because it reflects a part of you. A quadro represents creative potential and expression and is somehow a frozen bit of personality, so we thought it was fitting just right.

The upcoming Quadro is a more complete and mature version of what you already love. Countless new functions and action types are waiting for you, plus it will be also available for iPhone and it will give you the opportunity to connect multiple devices together, in order to create a super futuristic control station on your desktop.

Have a look here:

With the advent of Quadro we have to stop Actions development. That means you can still use it as long as it stays on your iPad, but there will be no more updates for it. It would be just too much effort for us. You don’t have to worry though, you will be able to easily load your Actions sets into Quadro and accomplish the same and much more.

So, from now on Actions App will be free.

Also, Actions Blog and Socials will be slowly left behind, and eventually closed. This is why we suggest you to move from here to our new channels:

Quadro Blog || Quadro Facebook Page || Quadro Twitter || Quadro Google+

If you would like to support our launch campaign, please leave a message to spread the word with your community here and get 6 months of free subscription to Quadro.


Thanks everyone for all your love and support, see you on the other side! :)



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  • Devrimer Du

    wow, new app new app-in purchases huh :)

  • Alastair Manning

    I see you’re moving from a one off purchase to a subscription model based on your 6 months free offer. Have you made any decisions on the pricing yet that you’re able to publish?