A note to our users

Hello dear users,

First of all thanks to all early pioneers to give Actions a chance to become part of your tools.
In almost 36 hours we were literally flooded with requests and appreciations, definitely over our expectations.

Also, thanks to your feedback, we were able to spot some first bugs, mainly with the Windows platform. (Windows 7 in particular)
We are already taking care of this, and to help us improve Actions we kindly ask you to report immediately ipothetical issues, in particular about the Windows 7 Library bug, forwarding your PC details such as service pack number, CPU clock speed and number of cores, memory, and have the patience to let our support (Marco) help you and give us time to manage this bugs.

Many support request were due to Actions usage on computer-to-iPad connections or 3g routers.
Unfortunately we have no control over your connection quality so in this cases the correct functioning can’t be assured and we can’t provide support.

For all users whom use AVG antivirus we want to assure that this is merely a mistake by the good folks of AVG, we immediately sent out a review request to fix the error but we are still waiting for their reply.



A lot of happy users made suggestions about next features and we are really happy about it and your excitement.

To please all you pioneers we’ll soon publish a list of the next steps (sorry we can’t unveal all +60 features for obvious reasons, but I’m sure you will be happy anyway).

We must ask you to be patience tho, we are a team of 3 and in few hours everything just exploded, so now we are figuring out how to expand our team while caring about support, social networks, press requests, add missing content to webpage, bug tracking and fixing etc.

We’ll keep you posted about Actions development and let me repeat myself in name of all the team, thanks for your love.

The Fools

Cristiano Troffei

CEO, UI/UX/Sound Designer at Actions

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  • Chris Borry

    Works also with Filemaker Advanced. Great work.

  • thewinchester

    I can’t tell you guys how much I appreciate the work you’ve done – and I’m actually disappointed that you’re not asking (or even accepting) more money for this application!

    I’d happily pay 5-8x what you’re charging for it currently, as it’s exactly what I’ve been seeking for months now. And that’s before you unveil the coming features or even consider some of the user requests that have been put forward.

    My job is a support consultant for a global consumer technology company, where I work from home. I’d been looking for this exact kind of application – primarily to make using the functions and features of core application in my job (a CRM/call management system) so much faster.

    Despite having trialled several apps for the iPad, and going as far as evaluating pricey and far less flexible hardware solutions, I just couldn’t find something that would fit the bill.

    Since installing the app 36hrs ago, I’ve had a chance to use it for a solid 8hr shift; and it has worked exactly as intended. It’s lead to a massive reduction in the number of keystrokes I’ve had to make, and removing having to remember and used numerous complex keyboard shortcuts (there’s at least 20-30 shortcuts I use daily as part of the role, and 5-10 of these are on every call).

    Give yourselves a massive pat on the back, and please make available some form of donation button so that I might give you more money to pay for what has already become the best tool on my iPad-sized Swiss Army Knife!