5 Good Reasons Why Quadro Beats Actions


Are we asking you to leave Actions for Quadro? Well, maybe. Actually… yes, because it’s better.

Remember the day you downloaded the Actions app. It was love at first sight, wasn’t it? We could see it from the thousands of feedback posted by iOS users since the first release. Certain apps can inspire that kind of love and we were happy this was the case of Actions. Sure this will happen with Quadro.

But as a matter of heart, you might think “better the Devil you know than the devil you don’t”. Well, our new product coming this Fall has 5 killer features Actions is missing and that you’re going to fall in love with.

Let’s focus on them to see the reasons why Quadro beats Actions.

iPhone & iPad vs only iPad

Quadro app is going to be available for iPhone & iPad. This is the Big News. Especially for iPhone owners, who have always pointed out the drawbacks not to run Actions on their beloved mobile Apple device. You will take control of your PC or Mac apps even with an iPhone 4s, if it has iOS8 installed. Although, since the huge Apple Event on Sept 9, we know what you’re craving for. Don’t worry. You’re gonna be able to download Quadro even on your brand-new iPhone6s and iPad Pro.

8 languages vs only English

You work everyday using English with a bunch of tools and apps. You’ve got no problem in that. But sometimes you prefer setting a software in your local language to perform at your best. On the contrary, Actions speaks only English. If you’ve lost yourself in matching Actions’ instructions with those of the programs set in your language, take a look at the following list:

English Japanese German Italian French Spanish Portuguese Simplified and Traditional Chinese

With Quadro, many of you guys will talk the same language of your apps and computer. Language checked? Now you can party!

Lots of Palette Presets vs a Few

We’ve taken your advices and our best information, refined them and made our Quadro app more user-friendly than our previous Actions. For instance, you’ll be able to choose among a lot of palette presets customized on your needs. If you’re a web designer, pick the palette preset with Photoshop, Bootstrap and Sketch included. Are you a Twitter influencer? Get the one with Twitter, Tweetdeck and Canva to create your social authority in a smarter way. Presets are easy-to-use packages to let you focus on what you love: to do a great job.

Menu Command & Shortcuts vs Only Shortcuts

Guys, this is huge. Those who were fan of Shortcuts and Flows won’t be disappointed. Quadro has a more powerful feature for you to try. It provides you an amazing graphic way to handle menu command and accomplish a lot more sophisticated tasks. Digital creators, this means no more productivity issues!

More vs Less Graphic Options

More doesn’t mean always better. But using color well in information display is essentially about function: what information are trying to convey, and how (or whether) color can enhance it. To help you distinguish one element from another, we enriched our color palette and size pads. All of this to help you work smarter and save your precious time.

While Actions came out on the App Store with 2 pad sizes, 6 colors and only white basic icons, since its first release Quadro will be provided with:

7 different pad sizes 12 colors and 6 gradients White and colored icons

Sound good to you?

So, what do you think of the 5 features above? Are these really 5 good reasons to switch from Actions to the new Quadro app?

Now it’s up to you. Be the first to join the Quadro community and spread the word. You are one step closer to get 6 months free of the new Art of Computing.



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  • DMacB

    So it does the same thing as Actions, but… better? Sounds like a win-win.

    • It is! The list could go on to include magnets for web-apps and native apps instead of only the latter, and a bunch of new stuff that cannot be compared with features included in Actions. So let’s add another win. :D

  • pyrolator

    Can I import some of my sets from “Actions”?

    • Currently it’s not possible, but we hope to include a tool to convert Actions sets to Quadro palettes in the near future.

      Sincerely it was planned to be published along with Quadro but a concrete analysis uncovered that the task is much more time consuming and hard to do from what expected. (and I mean A LOT harder)

      We’ll be able to tell a few days after releasing Quadro, we are very sorry for not having more comforting news right now. :(

  • albertkinng

    I don’t want to be negative but Actions is very user friendly. Its part of my life because I was able to build my actions in no time and now this new app you are trying hard to pitch seems to be complicated, full of macros (because of PC compatibility and maybe is not what we are looking for).

    Did I mention we ditch Adobe for third parties apps just for the subscription plans announced? We like to own our apps. Subscription is paying for nothing. A tool that will help you just if you make a monthly payment.

    Do a research first and know what your users do with Actions before lose them completely.

    • Hello Albert!

      We are always very happy when we hear that Actions has been of help :)

      We worked a lot on it as we are doing with Quadro.

      First, Actions is already compatible with PC, but he’s doing a great work hiding the options for mac users. We want to reassure you, the same attention has been used while adding every new feature on Quadro.

      We understand your concern about the subscription model, but the one-time payment doesn’t work in this kind of massive project that constantly needs to be improved. At the same time we wanted Quadro to be affordable and fair, therefore we preferred to ask a little to many, instead of asking much to a few.

      Here come the good news for you: there will also be a payment option that allows to own Quadro for life!

      Plus, the first month is free. And you can also have 6 months more if you schedule a post on quadro.me/pioneers to support us.

      Just try it, then, you will make your choice. :)

      Have a nice day!