3 New Action Types You Will Find in HoloBase

New Action Types It’s finally time to share some informations about our newcomer HoloBase As you already know, HoloBase is a completely new application, but it shares the underlying mechanic of Actions, including its action types. Besides what you already know and use today though, it will bring new useful types of commands to enhance your productivity. Let’s see 3 examples of what you will be able to do.

Files & folders Although moving files around may seem a great way to organize your filesystem,

it’s not very efficient. HoloBase will let you access your most used folders, open and manage files smoothly and with great ease. Stop dragging around: select a file, tap, and find it where it belongs.

Contacts As we aim to improve productivity we just couldn’t let this uncovered. From messaging to sharing, a lot of operations are handled uniquely by providing data or information to another person. The Contact actions will make incredibly easy to communicate and share data with your teammates, collaborators, friends and family members. Finally.

Web search Launching a page with a tap is nice, but not that exciting. How many times a day can you launch the same page? Let me answer for you: a few. So in the end, this is a pretty static behavior. Nonetheless, computer users perform much more research than a single page. So we knew we had to make this rather instantaneous. And we did.

HoloBase will provide you with a lot of presets for the most prominent websites, but with some simple steps you will be able to add virtually any website. Tap, write a keyword and see the result appearing as soon as you hit “enter”. One last bit You already know the “Snippet” action type, right? Well, although it’s not a new addition,

HoloBase’s new “Text” action type is much more evolved. We will go back to this in a dedicated overview, but I can already give you a few infos. First, you can have variables in your snippets. HoloBase will ask you to insert the variable at the proper time, suggesting what kind of data it’s expecting. Check our latest sneak peek we shared our social media pages for a little preview. Additionally, you can have a multiple snippet. With the new “Text” action you can provide an array of snippets (e.g. tags) and select the right one each time you fire the action. Stay tuned for the next round, you already know we’ll be raising the bar. ;)

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    Actions was brilliant at the time and possibly still the best of it’s kind. Stuff was a long time coming but it’s made it’s way in. The positive with Actions is it was left to the users imagination to get the “power” out of it so it never really felt stale. But I think a lot of the problems came from the inability to share actions sooner. It’s hard to think of ways to use stuff like this. I’m excited by HoloBase though if it’s already promising to outshine Actions. And the few images I’ve seen of it, it looks beautiful!